Spherical resin accessory making

Here are some useful tools for making spherical accessories with UV resin.
koutei1.png koutei1.gif

Arrange the flower materials.

"Tweezers" are very useful to place flower materials into resin.
The wide tip of "PS-SH" allows you to have a stable grip on the flower materials.
The fine tip of "PS-SB" makes it easy to pick up small flower materials.
Small and delicate flower materials can be displayed where you want them to be.
koutei2.png koutei2.gif

File bumps on the resin.

"Kamiyasu!" is handy for smoothing out burrs and distortions on cured resin.
The thickness and moderate hardness of "KS10-P120" / "KS10-P400" make it easy to file burrs and bumps.
Since they can be used for wet sanding, chips are less likely to get clogged or fly in the air.
koutei3.png koutei3.gif

Polish resin parts.

The moderate softness of "KS3-P800" / "KS3-KB2000" makes it easy to polish the surface of small resin parts.
Polishing and then coating with resin can create a more beautiful finish.
koutei4.png koutei4.gif

Make holes in the parts.

The drill blade of "PBS-DC" can be inserted deeply and fixed for easy aiming.
The pointed tip of "DBB-1-2.5" allows you to start drilling smoothly without slipping even on curved surfaces.
The cutting edge at the tip of "DB-5B" makes it easy to dig in, and the obtuse angle allows shallow digging.
It's easy to make holes even in difficult-to-stabilize shapes such as spheres.
koutei5.png koutei5.gif

Install the metal fittings.

The narrow tip of "BND-125-B" makes it easy to grip small metal fittings such as jump rings. The lack of grooves makes it hard to scratch.
The angled tip of "BND-115-N" allows for stable holding of metal fittings at an easy-to-use hand angle.
Holding "BND-125-B" and "BND-115-N" in each hand allows for smooth opening and closing of the jump rings.
Fine metal fittings can be gripped securely, so installation work is easier.
For more detailed instructions, please see the following videos.